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Year 6 - Elder and Ash

Welcome to Year Six

Teachers: Mr Fetherston, Mrs Provost-Lines and Miss Ford 


TA: Mrs Scott





Term 1 - Marcus Sedgwick 

Welcome back to year six, we hope you had a fantastic summer. 

This term we will be learning all about Marcus Sedgwick and reading his book, 'Floodland.' Floodand is a fantasy based novel which will provide us with many opportunities to ask many questions.

For the first half of term one, we will be using a range of descriptive devices to create our own descriptive scenes.

We will be studying the author, Marcus Sedgwick, to create biographies of his life. Can you remember any of the information we have researched about him already?

'Floodlands' also allows us to look at our world in terms of weather and global warming. We will be using it as inspiration for our creative curriculum lessons such as Art, History and Local Geography.

Our Science topic this term will be 'Living Things and Their Environments', in which we will be able to extend their previous learning to find out about the standard system of classification first developed by Carl Linneaus.


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In term one, we will be focusing on the fundamentals of mathematics, such as place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Every lesson has the same structure, we ensure that children are all confident and able to complete the taught skills before moving on to problems so that the children can apply their mathematical knowledge.

Once children are secure in their understanding of each concept taught, they have to reason. This means that they will be given questions which provoke a higher level of thinking and problem solving, in which children will often have to explain their answers, prove their understanding or teach other children the skill they have learnt.


It is vital that all children by year six should be fluent in multiplication facts up to multiples of 12, please help your children to practice these at home.