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Year 5 - Spindle and Cherry

Class Teachers: Mrs Thomson - Spindle

                         Mrs Stow, Miss Millidine- Cherry


TAs: Mrs Morton and Miss Elwood

Term 3


Welcome back! Wow, term three already, time is flying. This term our topic is "Space" and our core text is an amazing text called the Jamie Drake Equation. This is an amazing text and we hope that the children enjoy it as much as we did, it is truly out of this world. 

We will be learning about the planets in our solar system. We will be creating fact files about each of the planets.

This term we will be focusing on the art of Katie Patterson and Peter Thorpe. We are looking forward to putting our ever improving art skills into action. On this note, if you have a spare old shirt that your child can wear during art please send it in with them. 



CHRISTMAS HAS ARRIVED IN YEAR 5 Learning together morning.

CHRISTMAS HAS ARRIVED IN YEAR 5 Learning together morning. 1
CHRISTMAS HAS ARRIVED IN YEAR 5 Learning together morning. 2
CHRISTMAS HAS ARRIVED IN YEAR 5 Learning together morning. 3
CHRISTMAS HAS ARRIVED IN YEAR 5 Learning together morning. 4
CHRISTMAS HAS ARRIVED IN YEAR 5 Learning together morning. 5
CHRISTMAS HAS ARRIVED IN YEAR 5 Learning together morning. 6
CHRISTMAS HAS ARRIVED IN YEAR 5 Learning together morning. 7

Term Two


This term we are being inspired by the amazing text Viking Boy. We will be writing diaries about 'Gunnar' who is the main character from out core text. Then we will be writing narratives inspired by this text.


Also we will be taking part in outdoor learning day (6th November) when we will be going on a Viking adventure and partaking in raids. It is vital that your children have appropriate shoes and clothing. Ask your child what they did on this exciting day.


This term we are hoping that Portals to the Past will be visiting to enrich our learning experiences. Please keep a look out for a letter with more information.  


Welcome to year 5!


We hope you have had a wonderful summer and are excited about coming back at school. We are very much looking forward to our learning journey together this year. 


A few house keeping bits

  • Term starts on Tuesday 3rd September at 8.40am.
  • Please ensure your child is in full school uniform, it is extremely helpful if it is labelled. This allows us to reunite your child with any lost property.
  • For your information school ties can now be purchased from the school office. 
  • Please send your child to school with their PE kit from the first week, this can be kept in their locker and taken home every holiday to be washed. Once again it is vital this is named. 
  • In order for your child to achieve their full potential it is vital that they read at home daily. They will be given a reading record, once they have read, please date and sign. Remember they do not have to read a whole book at day, 15 to 20 minutes daily is sufficient. 
  • Even though at the moment it is still dry and sunny, the weather will change quickly. Please ensure your child has a rain coat in their bags for those odd showers we will be experiencing shortly. 
  • All of the year 5 team will be happy to answer any questions you have and are always happy to help if we can. If you would like to talk to your child's class teacher please come to the door (which is situated behind the EYFS playground, I'm sure your child can show you) and speak to the member of staff on the door. Please do not enter the corridor unless a member of staff allows you to do so. This is to keep all of our children safe. 
Picture 1

Term 1

 We have an exciting term ahead of us. Our term 1 topic is Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling. During this term we will be looking closely at the characters and settings, thinking about what makes us so special and digging deeper in to our author J.K Rowling. 


We will be making magical wands from found objects around our wonderful outdoor environment. Also we will be thinking about ourselves and our personalities, we will be creating crests to represent our own perception of ourselves. 


In maths this term we will be focusing on the fundamental of mathematics. We will be looking developing our understanding of place value (up to millions numbers), it is important we can read, say correctly and understand the value of each digit. We will also be deepening our understanding of the four operations and will aim to become more fluent in reasoning about our answers in a variety of different situations too. 




In year five you are expected to...

  • Read everyday, this needs to be recorded in your reading record and signed by an adult at home. 
  • Practice times tables. 
  • Projects are ongoing for the term. This term is J K Rowling.
  • Maths or Literacy homework weekly.
  • Spellings, remember you will have a weekly spelling test on a Monday. 




                       P             R           I             D           E    

               Positivity           Respect      Integrity      Diversity     Endeavour


How will you show our core values today?