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Year 2 - Maple and Hazel

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Welcome to Year 2

Hazel and Maple Class Page

Teachers: Mr McCulloch and Miss Simpson

Teaching Assistants:  Mrs Haupt, Mrs Bole & Mr Read


Outdoor Learning Day- Thursday 21st May!
It’s easy to do and anyone can get involved - just dress up in nature on 21 May and share your creations with the world!

  • Do you love playing in the leaves? Stick a load of them to your clothes.
  • Do you love the sea? Turn yourself into a creature from the deep.
  • Are you a fan of the sun? Brighten up someone’s day by dressing in yellow.
  • You could use natural dyes to turn old clothes into nature colours.
  • You could use recycled materials from home to highlight the impact of litter on nature.


30 Days Wild!
The Wild life Trust have set up a scheme of work for 30 days in June! I will upload different challenges or tasks throughout the month of June for you to try!

Here is a link to the youtube channel- take a look!

I have uploaded some activities below that you might like to try whether it be in your garden or on your walks!

Miss Simpson :) 


Google Classroom.

Google classroom is a fantastic resource which enables children to log in to our online classroom to access work, communicate with us and submit work and pictures or videos of learning.

All work from now on will be through the Google Classroom. 

You should now be receiving your email address along with the original password which you should have changed. 

Codes for classrooms:

Please email or for the class code.



As always, let us know if you need any help or support with your learning, either through Google Classroom or our class email address.


Hello Hazel and Maple :), we hope you are keeping safe and well at home! All of us from school are missing seeing and teaching you! Over the next few weeks, Mr McCulloch and I will be updating and adding new tasks and challenges to our class page for you all to try at home! Remember you can email Mr McCulloch or myself showing us your learning, letting us know how your days have been or even just to check in and say hello :).

Parents you can also email us with any questions!

Hazel Class for Mr McCulloch email:

Maple Class for Miss Simpson email:


On Friday 17th April, both year 2 classes were due to visit the animals at Port Lympne Reserve- however due to circumstances this trip has been postponed. I have been sent a link for us to live stream the; Tigers at the zoo. Click on the link below to take a look :)


Tiger cam:



Last term we were learning about different Explorers and who is significant! Talk about who they have learnt about so far, and what does significant mean! Pick your own selection of people and see who they rank at the top! 

Another activity which the children loved was creating their own 'Top Trumps Cards' choosing people significant to them and rating their scores; out off 100.

For example:

Significant: Mum

Caring: 95

Kindness: 90

Messiness: 20

This really encourages 'Why?' questions too!


Next term we will be learning about Africa! Attached further down is the homework sheet with lots of different activities on:) 


Audible are making some of their audiobooks available for free without any need to create an account. Follow the link to find a book to listen to and enjoy at home.

Once you have chosen and listened to a story you could try and complete some of these activities:

  • Describe the settings within the story.
  • Describe and compare the different characters in the story you have chosen.
  • Write your own version of the story, maybe change the character or the setting- what could a new dilemma be?



Don't forget to keep reading! Pick your favourite book, comic or magazine and try to spend atleast twenty minutes reading each day! You can read to your grown ups, brothers, sisters, pets, teddies or even yourself. Maybe try and create your own reading area and get your grown ups to take a picture- we would love to see them :)



Don't forget to tune in to PE with Joe Wicks every morning at 9am. Simply find his youtube channel, subscribe and get moving!



Keep trying with the maths packs that were given to you before we left school! Mr McCulloch and I are still creating lots of new maths resources, challenges and tasks for you to try! These will be added on as we make them :)

Remember when adding or subtracting you may need to exchange! Also, what do addition and multiplication have in common... they are both commutative!! This means it doesn't matter what number you start with! However subtraction and division- you always start with the biggest number!


Home Learning Resources: 

Following school closure advice: you will already be aware that Home Learning Packs have been sent home with your child and are available from the school office. (until 3:30pm 20/3/2020).

As reopening times are uncertain at present, we hope you will find the following links helpful in supporting home learning for your child/children:



Reading everyday. Make sure you get your reading record signed!

Spelling investigation to practice for weekly spelling test.

Ninjas to practice number bonds and times tables. 

Projects are ongoing for the term. 


                       P      R     I     D     E    

               Positivity           Respect      Integrity      Diversity     Endeavour


All pupils at Northdown Primary are divided into five houses, each one representing one of our core values. Everyday each child can earn pride points to contribute towards their house. At the beginning of each week we will celebrate the winning house in our celebration assembly.


Over the course of the year we will cover several different topics such as Roald Dahl stories, the Great Fire of London, Explorers, Africa and much more. On our class page we will be posting information, pictures and lots of other exciting things so you can see what wonderful learners we are.

Term 4: Explorers


This term our new topic focus is Explorers: throughout this term we will be researching four different

explorers who all explored different parts of the world! They are: Neil Armstrong, Ibn Battuta, Robert Falcon-Scott and Christopher Columbus! We will be recreating world changing moments, becoming news reporters and acting within the roles to write letters home.


In literacy our new core text is: The Way Back Home written by Oliver Jeffers.

This story is based on a boy and a Martian both becoming stuck on the moon and they have to work together to solve their problems! Ask your child what the boy's problem is and how it gets resolved?


In Maths we have started the term measuring with a ruler- understanding when we measure we must start at 0 to get an accurate measurement! We have also spoken about how many centimeters are in one meter. See if your child remembers by asking them! Over the term we will also be going back over the use of the column method and exchanging numbers for addition and subtraction.


In science this term our topic is 'Scientists and Inventors', this links in nicely with our topic as we will be looking at what significant people and what they created! Ask your children who, Elizabeth Garrett Anderson was and why is she so significant?



Term 3: Colour Chaos: 

Throughout term three we looked at three main artists: Kandinsky, Mondrian and Miro! We researched facts about the different artists and created fact files about each. We also recreated Kandinsky's piece of art; squares with concentric circles, and Mondrian's piece of art; Trafalgar Square. 

Is abstract art really art?


In literacy we looked at the story Mr Majeika written by Humphey Carpenter!

Ask your child what problems Mr Majeika faces throughout his time at St Bartys Primary school!


We created new narratives changing characters, settings and problems! We will also looked at diary entries, letters and instructional writing! We followed our own instructional writing to create a magic wand!


In Maths, we recapped  addition and subtraction however we started to introduce the column method to solve different problems. We will also recapped multiplication and division using arrays! Further into the term we looked at the value of money and identifying the coins in the UK currency. 


Our science this term was looking at every day use of materials! We hunted around the school to see what types of materials were used to create and make different items! We also completed an experiment to find out which type of material would best fit a hole in a bucket! Ask your child which material they discovered solved the problem best!

Term 2: The Great Fire of London:

Throughout this topic we  explored the events of The Great Fire of London. We found out about the sequence of events. Ask your child when The Great Fire of London started and who was to blame? 


During our topic lessons we discussed the type of materials used to build the houses in 1666, we then created some houses and set fire to London. We saw how the wind can help a fire to spread quickly. 


In literacy we  started  the term focusing on a book called: The Baker's Boy and The Great Fire of London.

We wrote short narratives, creating our own problem and resolutions to our stories. Ask your child who their characters could be and what their problem and resolution is?



In maths we started the term recapping- addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We  then  moved onto fractions of shape and fractions of amounts. Finally we started to look at telling the time with 15 minute intervals! Ask you child if they can tell you the time!


During Outdoor Learning Day (Wednesday 6th November) in maths we took our learning outside and used the leaves to make arrays for division!

Term 1: Roald Dahl


Throughout this topic we read and explored many books written by Roald Dahl. During our carpet sessions we read; Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The BFG and Matilda. As a class we all enjoyed the stories written by Roald Dahl and the 250 new words he also created. As the term went on we enjoyed learning facts about Roald Dahl and his family.


In literacy at the start of the term we focused on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory:

We looked at the different dilemmas that happen throughout the story and the different characters they happen too. We then created our own character with their own dilemma. Ask your child what their dilemma was?

We also got to design our own chocolate wrapper and create our own chocolate bar during our topic lessons.


After this, we then focused on The BFG:

After reading the story and discussing the thoughts and feelings of the main character Sophie, we wrote our own diary entries using first person. We described the dream wave and created our own giants. 

In topic we designed and created our own dream catchers and dream jars.  


In maths we focused on: addition and subtraction on a number line, multiplication and division using arrays and then the properties of 2D and 3D shapes. 


We had a Roald Dahl Day- we could dress up as our favourite Roald Dahl characters and completed some Roald Dahl Science! 


Year Two Common Exception Words


As you are aware reading is such an important part of your child's learning so here is a list of the year two common exception words. It would be helpful if you could practice reading and spelling them with your child.


Door, Floor, Poor, Because, Find, Kind, Mind, Behind, Child, Children, Wild, Climb, Most, Only, Both, Old, Cold, Gold, Every, Great, Break, Steak, Pretty, Beautiful, After, Fast, Last, Past, Father, Class, Grass, Pass, Plant, Path, Bath, Hour, Improve, Sure, Sugar, Eye, Could, Should, Would, Who, Whole, Any, Many, Clothes, Busy, People, Water, Again, Half, Money, Parents, Christmas, Everybody, Even.