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Year 2 - Holly and Elm

Welcome to Year 2

Holly & Elm Classes

Teacher: Miss Simpson, Mrs Mathews & Miss Berryman

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Bole, Mrs Haupt & Mrs Hayward




Reading everyday. Make sure you get your reading record signed!

Spelling investigation to practice for weekly spelling test.

Ninjas to practice number bonds and times tables. 

Projects are ongoing for the term. 


                       P      R     I     D     E    

               Positivity           Respect      Integrity      Diversity     Endeavour


All pupils at Northdown Primary are divided into five houses, each one representing one of our core values. Everyday each child can earn pride points to contribute towards their house. At the beginning of each week we will celebrate the winning house in our celebration assembly.

Term 6: Fairgrounds 


Image result for fairground cartoon


In Term 6 we are going to be looking into Fairgrounds; making rides, information leaflets and creating our own fair! We are very lucky as well to be able to go to Dreamland this term to support our topic learning. 


Our core text for Literacy this term is The Fairground Ghost. 

Year 2 Fun Morning

Year 2 Fun Morning 1
Year 2 Fun Morning 2
Year 2 Fun Morning 3
Year 2 Fun Morning 4
Year 2 Fun Morning 5
Year 2 Fun Morning 6
Year 2 Fun Morning 7
Year 2 Fun Morning 8
Year 2 Fun Morning 9
Year 2 Fun Morning 10
Year 2 Fun Morning 11
Year 2 Fun Morning 12
Year 2 Fun Morning 13
Year 2 Fun Morning 14
Year 2 Fun Morning 15

Term 5: Africa


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In Term 5 we are learning all about Africa, where it is, what you can do and the types of wildlife. 


Our core text is Meerkat Mail. A story about a meerkat that travels around Africa seeing different animals and places. 


Picture 1

Term 4: ExplorersImage result for neil armstrong

In Term 4 we are looking at four different explorers. These include Neil Armstrong, Ibn Battuta, Christopher Columbus and Robert Falcon Scott. 


Our core text is The Way Back Home. This explores the journey a boy takes to the moon and an unlikely friendship with a Martian!

Image result for the way back home

Making Rockets For Our Learning Together Afternoon

Making Rockets For Our Learning Together Afternoon 1
Making Rockets For Our Learning Together Afternoon 2
Making Rockets For Our Learning Together Afternoon 3

Making Space Sandwiches

Making Space Sandwiches 1
Making Space Sandwiches 2

Term 3: Colour Chaos

In term 3 we will be focusing on 3 different artists: Kandinsky, Miro and Mondrian. We will be looking into their art work and will be trying to recreate some pieces. 


In literacy our first focus of the term will be on: Mr Majeika


In maths we have started the term recapping- addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and properties of 2D and 3D shapes.  

Our Art Day With Miss Lena

Our Art Day With Miss Lena 1
Our Art Day With Miss Lena 2
Our Art Day With Miss Lena 3
Our Art Day With Miss Lena 4
Our Art Day With Miss Lena 5

Term 2: The Great Fire of London:

Throughout this topic we explored the events of The Great Fire of London. We found out about the sequence of events. Ask your child when The Great Fire of London started and who was to blame? 


During our topic lessons we discussed the type of materials used to build the houses in 1666, we then created some houses and set fire to London. We saw how the wind can help a fire to spread quickly. 


In literacy we  started  the term focusing on a book called: The Baker's Boy and The Great Fire of London. 

We have been writing short narratives creating our own problem and resolutions to our stories. Ask your child who their characters are and what their problem and resolution is?


After this, we focused on writing newspaper reports. We discussed the key features of a news report and spoke about writing in chronological order. Ask your child what a headline needs to be?


In maths we  started the term recapping- addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We then moved onto fractions of shape and fractions of amounts. After this we explored telling the time on clocks. We covered; o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter too and also minutes with 5 minute intervals. Ask your child to tell you the time when looking at a clock. We discussed the short hand as the hour hand and the long hand as the minute hand!

Making Houses

Making Houses 1
Making Houses 2
Making Houses 3
Making Houses 4

Our Great Northdown Fire!

Our Great Northdown Fire! 1
Our Great Northdown Fire! 2
Our Great Northdown Fire! 3
Our Great Northdown Fire! 4

Cake Tasting

Cake Tasting 1
Cake Tasting 2
Cake Tasting 3
Cake Tasting 4
Cake Tasting 5


We have had a great start to the year with all the children settling in to the new routine really well. Over the course of the year we will cover several different topics such as Roald Dahl stories, the Great Fire of London and much more. On our class page we will be posting information, pictures and lots of other exciting things so you can see what wonderful learners we are.

Term 1: Roald Dahl


Throughout this topic we read and explored many books written by Roald Dahl. During our carpet sessions we read; Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The BFG, George's Marvellous Medicine, Esio Trot and Fantastic Mr Fox. As a class we all enjoyed the stories written by Roald Dahl and the 250 new words he also created. As the term went on we enjoyed learning facts about Roald Dahl and his family.


In literacy at the start of the term we focused on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory:

We looked at the different dilemmas that happen throughout the story and the different characters they happen too. We then created our own character with their own dilemma. Ask your child what their dilemma was?

We also got to design our own chocolate wrapper and create our own chocolate bar during our topic lessons.


After this, we then focused on The BFG:

After reading the story and discussing the thoughts and feelings of the main character Sophie, we wrote our own diary entries using first person. We described the dream wave and created our own giants. 

In topic we designed and created our own dream catchers and dream jars.  


In maths we focused on: addition and subtraction on a number line, multiplication and division using arrays and then the properties of 2D and 3D shapes. 


Using this Venn Diagram arrange these 2D shapes accordingly:





Our Roald Dahl Day

Our Roald Dahl Day 1
Our Roald Dahl Day 2
Our Roald Dahl Day 3
Our Roald Dahl Day 4

Roald Dahl Themed Science Week

Roald Dahl Themed Science Week 1
Roald Dahl Themed Science Week 2
Roald Dahl Themed Science Week 3
Roald Dahl Themed Science Week 4
Roald Dahl Themed Science Week 5
Roald Dahl Themed Science Week 6

Year Two Common Exception Words


As you are aware reading is such an important part of your child's learning so here is a list of the year two common exception words. It would be helpful if you could practice reading and spelling them with your child.


Door, Floor, Poor, Because, Find, Kind, Mind, Behind, Child, Children, Wild, Climb, Most, Only, Both, Old, Cold, Gold, Every, Great, Break, Steak, Pretty, Beautiful, After, Fast, Last, Past, Father, Class, Grass, Pass, Plant, Path, Bath, Hour, Improve, Sure, Sugar, Eye, Could, Should, Would, Who, Whole, Any, Many, Clothes, Busy, People, Water, Again, Half, Money, Parents, Christmas, Everybody, Even.