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Year 1- Buckthorn Class

Welcome to Year 1


Buckthorn Class: Miss Adelsberg 





Home Schooling

During the Corona virus changes to schooling we have enabled our 'Google Classroom' and we will set weekly assignments for your child to complete via this platform.   You will have been sent your child's log on information.


However, if you are unable to access 'Google Classroom' please follow the home learning star for further information to support you whilst at home.


Alternatively, we can email content to you.  All you need to do is email your class teacher using the class email address above.

'Learning and Growing Together'

Welcome to the Year 1 class page!


We are so excited to get started with all our learning this year; we just can't wait to see the children in Aspen and Hornbeam classes become confident and self-sufficient learners.


Our environment is looking fantastic and is aimed at facilitating learning through continuous provision as well as quality first teaching. We are focused on having a language-rich and stimulating environment and curriculum to move our children's learning on even further.


Please regularly check this page for any updates and important messages that we may leave here. Thank you!


The Year 1 Team 

Term 6: The Baker in Me - The Great Northdown Bake-Off


Significant Author: Mini Grey

During this term we will listen to, and orally rehearse a 'Defeating Tale'. In this story, Horace makes a Biscuit Bear and it comes to life! But Biscuit Bear is lonely and wants some friends. Can he make some friends using a biscuit recipe? 


Literacy - How do we write instructions? How is it different to writing a story?


Maths - Can you count in 2s, 5s, 10s?  Add in equal groups using practical resources (i.e. 5 sweets + 5 sweets + 5 sweets = 15 sweets). Finding half and a quarter of shapes and amounts.


Science - Seasonal Change: How is Summer different to the other seasons? How do the seasons affect the foods we eat?


DT - What foods are healthy and unhealthy? Where does our food come from?


RE - What do Muslims celebrate?

Term 5 The Explorer in Me - Which Country?


Significant Author: James Mayhew

During this term we will be listening to, and orally rehearsing, a 'Warning Tale'. 

In this story, as Katie heads to Scotland with her Grandma.  She is warned of a dangerous creature lurking in the lake.  What could this be?


Do you remember what happened when Katie and Grandma visited London?


Literacy - What is a suffix? How does using one change the meaning of a word? What words need a 's' or'es' at the end when it becomes a plural (i.e. cat - cats, fox - foxes). Is there a rule?


Maths - Can you say number names in order to 100? Investigating capacity and measurement (weight, height, amount of liquids using non-standard measurements).


Science - What do plants need to grow? What is the life cycle of a seed?


Geography - How is life different in the UK from other European countries? (focusing on Italy, France, Spain, Germany).

RE - What do Hindus celebrate?

Term 4 The Researcher in Me - Dinosaurs


Significant Person: Mary Anning

Significant Author: Chae Strathie

During this term we will listen to, and orally rehearse a 'Meeting Tale'. 

In this story, we meet a boy named Max who has one wish and that is to meet the might T-Rex.  Will his wish come true?  


Literacy - What is a prefix?

Maths - Can you say number names in order to 50?

Science - Carnivores, Herbivores and Omnivores.

History - Who was Mary Anning?

Geography - Where in the world did Dinosaurs exist?

Term 3: The Artist in Me - Vincent van Gogh

Art - What is your favourite painting by Vincent van Gogh?


Significant Author: James Mayhew


During this term we will listen to, and orally rehearse a 'Journey Tale'. 

In this story, we meet a girl named Katie who loves to visit art galleries with her Grandma.  However Grandma always falls asleep and when Katie is left to her own devices she enters a wonderful world of art which takes her on a journey like no other. Will Katie recount the detail to her Grandma?


Literacy - Where did the stars tumble?

Maths - Do you know your number facts to 20?

Science - What's the Weather like? 

Music - Describe the tempo in Vivaldi's 'Four Seasons'

Term 2 - The Time Traveller in Me - The History of Toys


Significant Author: David Lucas

During this term we will listen to, and orally rehearse a 'Losing and Finding Tale'. 

In this story, we meet a cat named Bunting who lives in the old toy museum with one of his friends.  One night Bunting loses his friends and he sets of on an adventure to find them.  Where were they be hiding?  


Literacy - What is a plural?

Through this tory we are able to revisit our learning on capital letters for names, adding suffixes to root verbs and using different sentences openers for the five sections of the story. 

Your child will learn to confidently retell the narrative with actions which in turn will give them the confidence to write the story.

Maths - Do you know your number bonds to 20?

Science - What were old toys made of?

History - How have toys changed?

Art - Observational Drawing



What toys can you spot in the museum?  How many are there altogether?


See the source image


Bunting counts the toys every night and he counts them twice to check that they are all there.  We are working hard in class to improve our counting skills.  A few children can already say number names correctly in order to 100.  We hope all children will achieve this goal!

See the source image

In maths we are also exploring number bonds within numbers to 10 using the part, part whole model.




In History we are looking at how toys have changed and are placing them on a time line using the vocabulary old and new, past and present and then and now.  See the source image


In Science we are looking at the different materials toys are made from and will sort them accordingly.  We will then describe the properties of each material and think about their different uses.

See the source image

Term 1 The Author In Me - Great British Authors


Significant Author: Giles Andreae


During this term we will listen to, and orally rehearse a 'Wishing Tale'. 

In this story, we meet a giraffe named Gerald, who has one wish.  A wish that would change how the other animals viewed him.  

I wonder what he wishes for?  


Literacy - What is a suffix? When should I use capital letters?

Maths - Can you say number names in order to 20?

Science - What are the different categories of animals?

Geography - Maps and Plans

Art - Observational Drawing

DT - How can we make stiff and stable structures to transport the animals?




In Phonics some of us are learning the Phase 3 sounds and some of us are now learning the Phase 5 sounds.  Please support your child by practising to say the sounds and to hunt them when reading books.

See the source image

See the source image

I Can Say My Number Pairs 8 | Math Song for Kids | Number Bonds | Jack Hartmann

Number pairs for 8. This number pairs song engages students to demonstrate the number bonds for 8 with their fingers for active engagement and strengthening brain and body connections. Number pairs are all the different combinations of numbers that compose a specific number.