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Year 1- Hornbeam and Aspen

Welcome to Year 1


Aspen Class: Miss Adelsberg, Mr Head and Mrs French

Hornbeam Class: Miss Bichard and Ms Lindsay




'Learning and Growing Together'

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Welcome to the Year 1 class page!


We are so excited to get started with all our learning this year; we just can't wait to see the children in Aspen and Hornbeam classes become confident and self-sufficient learners.


Our environment is looking fantastic and is aimed at facilitating learning through continuous provision as well as quality first teaching. We are focused on having a language-rich and stimulating environment and curriculum to move our children's learning on even further.


Please regularly check this page for any updates and important messages that we may leave here. Thank you!


The Year 1 Team 

Term 1 

The Author In Me



This term we are focussing our learning around the author Giles Andreae. Our first book of his that we have been looking at is 'Giraffes Can't Dance'. So far we have been learning about adjectives (for example, 'Gerald the Giraffe is tall and slim. He has bandy knees and spotty fur.') and capital letters. We have learnt that we use capital letters at the beginning of sentences and at the beginning of names and places. 



In maths we have been learning how to sort items and how to represent numbers in lots of different ways. Look at the images below - which is the odd one out and how do you know?



This term in science we are linking our learning from 'Giraffes Can't Dance' to learning about all the different types of animals. We have been learning all about the characteristic of birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and fish. We have been loving linking our learning to this animal types song! Please click the link below to hear it.