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Writing is an opportunity for children to express themselves, be creative, express ideas, opinions and show their true self. At Northdown Primary, we use an approach that highlights quality core texts and modelled writing that works to challenge our children. This helps our children to develop quality language and sentence structure and provides them with the tools they need to be a creative writer.


Within each term children are taught two cycles of writing; fiction and non-fiction. Within this children are encouraged to retell narratives, plan, draft and edit their own writing and learn about the structure, grammar and features of a specific genre or text type. 


High quality texts draw out new vocabulary to help support pupils in their writing development. A range of genres are covered to help children understand different story types.



EGPS is taught discreetly at Key Stage One and Two and is linked to the writing lessons and texts. The skills learnt are applied throughout the curriculum and modelled in exemplars for children to use from our learning walls.

Core Text Whole School Overview