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Wider Curriculum

Yearly Overview

The Wider Curriculum at Northdown


At Northdown, we adopt a thematic approach to our wider curriculum. Each year group will cover 6 topics throughout the year which is carefully linked to national curriculum standards as well as or skill and knowledge progression documents.


School trips and experiences play a key part in the design of our curriculum as making real life links to concepts is key in embedding knowledge and skills into long term memory. If the children experience it, they are going to be enthused to write about it!


Our classroom environments ensure that the children are immersed in the topic covered that term, with an engaging and exciting book corner and topic learning wall linked to their topic.


We also feel that children should have an opportunity to experience and develop skills and experiences outside of the national curriculum, such as ride a bike, blow bubbles, swim in the sea.

We have developed our 'Experience Journey' which maps out key experiences that the staff and children at Northdown feel every child should experience before they leave us.


The Northdown Charter


Proudly displayed in our school hall is our school charter. The Northdown Charter outlines what our curriculum aims to give children by the time they move on to secondary school.