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We welcome you and your child to Northdown Primary School and hope that this will be the beginning of a very happy period in his/her life, one in which we can work together for the benefit of your child. For this reason, parents are welcome to come into the school to discuss what we are doing, or to talk over any problems that have arisen. We recognise that the process of education is one that begins when a child is born and continues right through their life. During this time many people have an effect on what and how the child learns and therefore we value your help in making this process a shared experience. You will be invited to come into the school on many occasions during your child’s time with us, and you will be encouraged to share with the teacher and your child, decisions about your child’s education.


Our aim here at Northdown is to ensure that our school becomes ‘outstanding’ as soon as possible and for it to become the number one choice for every parent living in Margate and the surrounding areas. The children, parents, staff, governors and our wider community are very proud of our hardworking school which has served our local area for many years. We certainly have a great deal to look back on with pride but we also believe that we should always enthusiastically challenge ourselves to continually enhance the provision for our children as they begin their lifelong learning journey.


The ethos of our school reflects the values and attitudes that characterise any caring family and community. The atmosphere of the school, the quality of relationships and the way in which the school helps to deal with difficulties all combine to develop children who will have a fair sense of justice and the ability to be valued citizens of the future.


At Northdown Primary School we aim for our children to grow and develop in an environment where they are cared for, listened to and respected as well as being given consistent, secure and firm boundaries. We ensure that our children develop lifelong learning skills, showing the ability to take responsibility for their own learning so that they can face future challenges with confidence.


Our key message is that we aim for our children to develop the permanent skills so that they can develop the ability to take responsibility for their own learning and so that they can face future challenges with confidence. We aim to ensure that each day presents exciting challenges so creating a joy and thirst for knowledge in each individual child. We celebrate diversity and respect all children regardless of ability, gender, ethnicity or religion. We encourage children to recognise and build on their strengths, extending and developing their potential. At Northdown Primary. we pride ourselves on providing a happy, caring, supportive and positive learning atmosphere where each and every child can achieve success.


Parents and visitors are welcome to look around our school and where possible to meet staff and children. Our friendly office staff will only be too pleased to arrange an appointment. Please come and see our school in action.


Sheila Todd