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Week 6 Challenges

Last week we looked at what it means to double a given number. This week we are going to look at halving a given number and what that means. You can make your own halving mat to visually demonstrate sharing out the items equally between two groups. 
Use lots of opportunities to share a number of items into two bowls or on two plates. For example, using food to share out biscuits during snack time. You can also take the learning outdoors. If you don't have hoops you can draw the circles on the ground to share out your objects equally in to two groups. You can say - "one for me and one for you". 
Once you have experimented with sharing out different items equally between two groups you can have a go at playing this board game. This will recap last weeks learning on doubling as well as practising halving. 
Here is a game that you might like to play where you have to share out the sheep between two paddocks. This promotes sharing out equally into two different groups.