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Week 5 Challenges

Some of you may remember, we had some tadpoles in school during March. Mrs. Pullman kindly took the tadpoles home and they have now grown into small, perfectly formed frogs!

This wonderful news has inspired the learning this week and it is a fantastic opportunity for me to share with you, one of my favourite stories by the British author Kes Gray, 'Oi frog!'.

I absolutely love reading this story, I hope you enjoy it too! 

Kes reads Oi Frog!

Challenge 1

Look at the pictures in the document below. Can you match the rhyming images? After you have found the matching pairs, write a label for each image.

Challenge 2

Find the rhyme!

Choose an object in or around your home and try to find another object that rhymes with it, for example, leg - egg, jam - ham, knee - tree. Write a list of all your rhymes.

Challenge 3

Draw and describe your chair.

The frog in our story found his log very "knobbly and uncomfortable". Use adjectives to describe your chair or perhaps you would like to draw and describe your 'Dream chair'! 

What would it look like? What colour would it be? How would it feel to sit on?What size chair would you have? 

Challenge 4

Make a frog!

We would like you to get creative and make frog. Once you have created your frog, you may wish to write a story featuring your new frog character. We love to read your stories and see how creative you are so don't forget to ask an adult to take some photos of your work and email them to us here at school!

Challenge 5

Kes Gray uses rhyme in his story, 'Oi Frog'. We would like you to learn and recite a nursery rhyme. There are so many to choose from, you may wish to learn more than one.

Once you have learnt your nursery rhyme, you could make tickets and put on a performance to entertain your family members at home. You may also like to ask other family members to learn a nursery rhyme so you could put on a family show!

Have some fun identifying those rhyming words and speaking in a small, familiar group.