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Week 5 Challenges

Double trouble!

Now that we have secured our understanding of addition, we are going to explore doubles! To double a number you need to add the same number to itself. Below are a range of activities to help support your understanding and knowledge of doubles.

We hope you have fun and if you complete any of the activities or think of some of your own, remember to ask an adult to email us here at school and tell us what you have been getting up to!

Challenge 1

Paper chain.

Below is an image of some paper chains. We want you to double the number of each chain. So if a chain has 2 loops, you need to add another 2 loops, how many loops do you have altogether?

Challenge 2

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

We would like you to use a mirror to double a number of objects. Ask an adult to help you set up this activity and see if you can double a number of items and record your equations. 

Challenge 3


Complete the sheet below using your knowledge of how to double a number and your addition skills! 

Challenge 4

Spot the doubles.

Today you are going to watch an episode of Numberblocks, click on the link below.

How many doubles can you spot? What were those doubles? Can you record them in some way? Can you find all the doubles hidden within 20? 


Can you double any number within 20? How will you find out? How will you record this? Do you notice any patterns within your answers?


Challenge 5

Ladybird reveal

Earlier this week, we investigated the number of spots on a ladybird. Try to make your own Ladybird double. See the image below and get creative. How many ladybirds with double spots can you make? Don't forget to ask an adult to take a photo of your work and email it here to us at school, we really enjoy seeing all your exciting creations!