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Week 4 Challenges

During week four we would like you to continue with activities that encourage your counting skills to 20 and beyond. During week two you will have completed activities related to addition and during week 3 you would have completed activities related to subtraction. Therefore week four will comprise of activities that should consolidate those skills from the previous weeks. Some of these activities will be linked to the Literacy text of 'Sharing a Shell'.



Challenge One:

The first challenge is using the 'part, part, whole' method to support addition. Here is an example below.


This is a visual aid to support adding two numbers or two sets of objects together to make a total. The circles can be drawn on paper or you can be inventive in how you do this to make it as fun as possible. These pictures support what this looks like and some possible ideas for how to carry this out. Remember the main focus is on the children being able to add two numbers or sets of objects together to make a total. As our Literacy story was about a shell you may like to collect some shells to support these activities.




Challenge Two:

Continue counting different objects around your house and when you are out and about. Here are a few ideas you can try if you have collected some shells.




Challenge Three:

This is a subtraction challenge that involves taking away. Repeat some of the previous subtraction games or use resources that you may have to make new games. This week encourage your child to record what the written subtraction sum looks like. 




Challenge Four:

From our Literacy text , 'Sharing a Shell', use shells or other items that you can sort or categorize by shape and size. Describe them and count them as you do this. Which type or shape of shell is the most popular?