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Week 3 challenges

This week we are going to be exploring subtraction. How many different words can you think of that are associated with subtraction? I thought of the terms: take away, minus and less. Did you think of any more?


During these challenges you will have the opportunity to explore subtracting and how to find a new total!


We hope you have fun exploring these challenges and if you make any of the resources or think of some better ways to explore subtraction, please ask your adult to take a photo and email it to us here at school, we love seeing all the exciting things you have been getting up to at home! Good luck!


Challenge 1

Eat your maths!

Ask an adult to cut an apple into slices. Count how many slices you have. Now eat one slice.

How many slices do you have now? Eat one more, how many slices do you have left? What do you notice about the number of apple slices every time you eat one?

Challenge 2


Decorate 10 plastic bottles. Arrange your skittles and roll a ball towards them to knock them down. The number of skittles you have knocked over is the number you are subtracting from 10. How many bottles do you have still standing? 

Challenge 3


Count out 10 items. Roll the dice and take that number of items away. How many items do you have left?

Record your results as a calculation e.g. 

10 - 4 = 6

10 - 3 = 7

Challenge 4

Online game

Challenge 5

Find the missing number

I have written out number of calculations but, I have missed out some of the numbers. Can you use your subtraction skills to find the missing numbers?