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Week 3 challenges

Last week at school we heard the story 'Lost and found' by Oliver Jeffers. It made us think about our friends and the things that are really important to us.


This week we are going to complete some challenges based around the story of 'Lost and found'. We would love to see some of the work you have completed, so if you complete any of the challenges, please ask an adult to take a photo and email it to us here at school!


Challenge 1

Who is your best friend?

Draw a picture of your best friend. Then write a list of the things that makes your friend so special to you.

Challenge 2


We have all been missing our friends during this time away from school. Design and write on a postcard to your friend telling them of all the things you have been doing during your time at home. 

Don't forget to keep it safe until the next time you see your friend. I am sure they will really like your postcard gift!

Challenge 3

Similarities and differences!

In our story, the characters travel to the South pole. Ask an adult to help support you research the South pole. Now write all the similarities and differences between the South pole and Margate.

The similarities and differences may surprise you!

Challenge 4

The boat!

If you are going to test your boat on water please supervise your child at all times- thank you.


Our characters made their own boat and we want you to do the same!

Your boat can be any shape or size but it must float. You may find it useful to design your boat first and then begin constructing. 

Challenge 5

Story time

In our story, the boy shares his favourite stories with the penguin during their boat trip. We want you to share some of your favourite stories with someone at home. It could be a parent, a brother, a sister or even a pet. So snuggle down with your favourite book and see if you can retell the story to a member of your family.