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Week 3

Thursday 16th April 2020

Hi guys!

Hope you are all well. We miss you so much! 

We know this is a really different start to a term than we are used to but here are some learning tasks for you to have a go at. Make sure you do a little work each day so that you don't forget all your wonderful learning you have done so far! Remember if you need any help or have any questions email us. 

Lots of love

Mrs Thomson and Mrs Stow





Below are the maths, writing, topic and spelling packs.

The maths and writing  are for the next 4 weeks, there is a lot in them but remember just do one complete English and one complete Maths task a day, or as often as you possibly can.

We are aware the science box on the topic sheet is blank - Mrs T is working on this, it wouldn't load. We will get it on as soon as we can. In the meantime why not look in the science useful links and explore some science. 

UPDATE!! Science is there!! I had to split it into 4 parts but only one task for you to do. Just have a little look at the powerpoint and it will help.

Miss you all