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Week 2 challenges

Week 2 challenges


During this week we continue to focus on our counting skills and also look at addition. We hope you enjoy completing these challenges and please don't forget, you can ask an adult to take a picture of all the challenges you complete. Your adult can then email them to us here at school. We love seeing what you have been getting up to at home, you may even think of some of your own maths challenges you want to share with us! 

Challenge One

In our Literacy story this week called 'Spinderella', the spiders play foot ball with peas. If you have peas in the freezer or maybe sweetcorn then place some into a bowl. Grab a handful of peas and then count how many you have. Repeat this again and count how many you have. Did you have more or less than your first try and if so how many more or how many less did you have? Repeat several times practicing your counting skills. Ask an adult or older sibling to join in with you. As they have bigger hands, did they hold more peas?

Challenge 2

Here are some examples of activities that involve addition that you can do at home using items that you might already have within the home . Use language such as add, plus, more, altogether, sum, total equals. 


Challenge Three


Here are some addition games that you may like to pay. Have fun and learn at the same time.