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Week 1 challenges

Week 1 challenges


During this week we will be focusing on our counting skills. We hope you enjoy completing these challenges and please don't forget, you can ask an adult to take a picture of all the challenges you complete. Your adult can then email them to us here at school. We love seeing what you have been getting up to at home, you may even think of some of your own maths challenges you want to share with us! 

Challenge 1


Build a rocket and conduct a countdown from 20-0!

Can you name any 2D or 3D shapes you may find once you have made your rocket?

Challenge 2


Play the caterpillar game, can you order numbers within 20?

Once you have played the caterpillar game, you may want to make a caterpillar of your very own showing numbers 0-20!

 Challenge 3


Some of you may have seen me complete the 'Hopscotch challenge' on our school Facebook page. Complete your own game of Hopscotch. You may want to challenge yourselves and draw out a Hopscotch board all the way to 20!

Challenge 4


As we are having a Teddy bears picnic in literacy this week, see if you can complete the teddy bear game!

Challenge 5


Choose a number between 1-20 and create a book about that number. You may wish to write the numeral, decorate the numeral, stick that number of leaves on a page, draw that number of objects...however you decide to represent that number, be creative and create a number book!