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Tadpole Update

DAY 2 -11/03/20 -Frogspawn from Mrs Holland's pond
The Tadpoles are called Embryos at this stage.
DAY 4 -13/03/20 -The Embryos hatch from Frogspawn.
The Embryos are now called Tadpoles.
The begin to eat the leftover Frogspawn jelly.
The Tadpoles will grow gills.
DAY 6 - 16/03/20
DAY 7 - 17/03/20
DAY 11 - 21/03/20
Tadpoles eat rabbit pellets for their food

How to take care of our tadpoles

How our Tadpoles started their journey with us.
Mrs Holland brought in the Frogspawn from her pond
Our Tadpoles did this after just a few days!
And are now getting bigger all the time!
No legs yet though... will keep you posted.
The Life Cycle of a Frog

Tadpole Development - 29th March 2020 - Tadpoles are two weeks old and getting big.


Still image for this video
29th March 2020 - The tadpoles came out of the Frogspawn two weeks ago and are getting big and are very active. We are on the look out for their legs growing.....
Watch this space... More updates coming soon. 😊

Tadpoles Feeding

Still image for this video
This is a video of the tadpoles eating a rabbit pellet! It looks like they are really enjoying it! 😁

After what seems to be a very long time, the tadpoles finally began to grow their legs back legs! This happened around week 6. 

Week 6 - Some of the tadpoles are beginning to grow their back legs.

Week 7 - I noticed that a few of the tadpoles had really changed and have grown their front legs too! Their tails are getting shorter by the day and they are looking more and more frog-like. 

Week 7 - Some of the tadpoles are looking more frog-like now and beginning to lose their tails.