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Reading is at the heart of everything we do at Northdown Primary and threads through all areas of the curriculum. There are three main threads to our reading curriculum.


Reading for meaning. We use a two approaches at Northdown; in Year 1 Daily Supported Reading takes place everyday. This helps to encourage the application  of phonic knowledge and allows children to talk about the books they read, allowing them to predict, summarise, infer and evaluate. In KS2 we use Destination Reader this approach combines the use of learning behaviours with the skills needed to read, decode and comprehend.  This approach enables children to become more independent, builds stamina and helps develop pupil’s vocabulary, fully immersing them in high quality texts.


The mechanics of reading. 1:1 and group reading opportunities help pupils acquire skills to decode effectively and develop fluency.


Reading for pleasure. Reading incentives such as our Reading Rebels Rewards and Friday Book Swap help to engage children in the pleasure of reading. Year 6 also take part in a buddy system reading to and with EYFS and year 1. 

Reading with your child

Reading is probably the most important skill that your child will learn in primary school. It opens up a whole new world of learning and imagination. The more you help your child at home, the easier they will find it to develop this vital skill.

Here some pointers on the best ways to support and encourage your child as they learn to read. 


  • Reading bedtime stories and enjoying books together.
  • Point out words as you are out and about, road signs, shop fronts, posters, price labels and packaging.
  • Share a book. Re-read your favourite book night after night.
  • Let your child see you reading a book, magazines and newspapers.
  • Choose a time when you are both relaxed somewhere quiet.


Look at the cover together and talk about the book. What do you think this book is about? Have you read one like this before? Find clues in the pictures as to the meaning of the words.
You could give them the first sound to help them or read the word for them if that helps the flow! Let your child guess if they are nearly right or it makes sense let them go on with the story!
Ask your child to tell you about the book they have just read. What do you think is going to happen next? Draw a picture about your favourite part of the book. Is it the setting or the character?
Is your book fiction or non-fiction? What have you learnt? Make a model about your book. Have you read another book by this author? Why?


Make time for reading!

Make it fun!

Time together!

Praise your child for getting it right!

Reading Rebels Rewards


Children can really develop their reading skills if they read every day. It is very helpful for them to read to an adult at home so they can talk about the book with you.


Please make sure you sign your child's Reading Record book every time they read.


Once your child has read 25 times at home, they will get a Bronze certificate.


At 50 reads the reward is a Silver certificate and a badge. 

75 reads will get you a Gold certificate and a book to keep! 

For 100 reads you will receive a Platinum certificate and a Deer plush toy...linked to our Drop Everything And Read scheme. 

Lastly if you reach 150 reads you will get a Diamond certificate and have the opportunity to read a story to Norman the Fox.