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So what books have you been reading? Do you have any recommendations for your friends?


You could keep a record of the books you have read over the last few weeks, rating the books you liked and the ones that you didn't!


Or write a book review. Pretend you write for a magazine or a newspaper, could you write an article about your favourite book? Tell them your honest opinion!








Here are some other ideas:


  • Write a blurb about what your book is about. Sell it to me – make me want to read it!
  • Draw a picture of a character and tell me about them.
  • Have you found any difficult or interesting words? Write them down and tell me what they mean. Try putting them into sentences of your own.
  • Write a short summary of what’s happened in the book so far. What should I know?
  • What’s good about the book you’re reading? What don’t you like so much?
  • If you were the author, how would you change the story?




Don’t forget to keep reading! Pick your favourite book, magazine or comic and try to spend at least twenty minutes reading each day. You can read to your grown-ups, brothers or sisters, pets or even your teddies. Maybe you could create your own little reading space and get a grown-up to take a picture!




Make sure to log on to Accelerated Reader to complete your quizzes. If you have forgotten your login name or password just drop us an email and we can send it to you. Well done to all the children who have already completed a quiz, at the moment Elm have a higher score than Holly! Remember its not about the number of quizzes you take, make sure you read the book carefully and try to get the highest score you can! 

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