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Our Pedagogy


Here at Northdown, our Teaching and Learning model is based around the 'Accelerated Learning Cycle'. The cycle priorities 4 key areas in which our learning is planned around.

These are stages are

- Connect

- Activate

- Demonstrate

- Consolidate



Spaced Learning:

Every lesson at Northdown starts with Spaced Learning. Research shows that content is easily forgotten if we don't practice it regularly. Spaced Learning is a short activity to assess the children's understanding of given concepts over time. Each session the children will have a question from concepts covered from last month, last week and last lesson. This enables children to recall and apply and practice concepts over time which is designed to interrupt the forgetting curve and move information to long term memory.


Connect - Adult Facilitated

All new learning is built upon what the learner already knows or understands so it is important to connect our learning. Our lessons start with an inspiring and thought-provoking activity, re-capping and embedding from a previous lesson to give our children a sense of the bigger picture.


Activate - Adult Led

Children are introduced to new knowledge, information and ideas during this part of a lesson. It is important that children explore these ideas to develop a deep understanding.


Demonstrate - Child Led

This stage gives children the opportunity to 'show what they know' and use the knowledge and ideas they have gained in new ways, from answering a test question or writing a response, to conducting a debate, performing a drama or inventing and building something new.


Consolidate - Child Led – End product

Ensuring all new ideas and skills are embedded and secured with opportunities to consolidate, recap and enhance the learning that has taken place. This includes making links with other areas of our curriculum.


Other Information

The Accelerated Learning Cycle is underpinned by continuous assessment for learning. Children's understanding is checked before, during and after every activity through live marking. This enables teachers and teaching assistants to pick up on any misconceptions as the lesson progresses and re-shape the lesson accordingly, allowing for instant feedback.


When planning activities, we try to ensure try to ensure that a range of aspects are included, from collaborative group work, independent learning time and literacy and maths practice, to planned questioning and the use of technology.


We believe in setting the right conditions for learning to take place - both from the perspective of the teachers and the learners. This includes behaviour management and personalised learning through differentiation from the teacher but, just as important, making sure we encourage all students to adopt the right skills of a successful learner, becoming reflective and resilient members of their class who take responsibility for driving their own learning. We do this through our school values - PRIDE.

   P     R        I       D        E

Positivity     Respect     Integrity     Diversity     Endeavour


We also believe in recognising students' efforts and determination and ensure that praise and reward plays a key role in encouraging students to do their best.