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PE Curriculum

PE Curriculum

Our PE curriculum allows our staff to develop children within PE lessons. 


In Year R, children will explore fundamental movement skills alongside social skills, providing a link to the Early Learning Goals of the Foundation Stage Curriculum.


In KS1, children will aim to build on their skills of agility, co-ordination and balance. At this stage we will introduce the concept of competition through small-sided games which allow the children to put the skills they have learnt into practice. Pupils are also given opportunities to experience and develop their leadership skills.


In KS2, children will aim to build on the skills they have learnt in KS1, which will enable them to access adapted versions of games. Children will be given a variety of different opportunities to lead within PE, Sport and Physical Activity. By the end of KS2, we believe that children will have the skills ready to access a PE curriculum in a secondary school setting.


In order for us to provide the curriculum identified above, we use REAL PE. REAL PE is a philosophy and approach which aims to transform how PE is taught to include challenge and support for EVERY child. It supports teachers and others to make small changes that will have a significant impact on every learner.


The reasons as to why REAL PE is so unique can be found below:

- It provides a child centred approach that transforms how PE is taught to include and engage every child

- It develops the key abilities that children need to be successful in PE and Sport and across the curriculum

- It inspires teachers to enjoy teaching PE and transforms their confidence to deliver outstanding lessons