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Parent's / Carer's Events

Parent's / Carer's Events


End of Term Parent/Carer Events.


At the end of each term, we are delighted to invite the Nursery children's adults into the Nursery to explore the children's Learning Journals and to partake in some activities.


The Nursery children are always excited to show off all the fun and interesting things they have been doing over the term, as well as creating something special with their grown-up, which they then take home.


Here are some photos to show the events we hold.

End of Term Parent / Carer Event

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Further examples of some of the parent/carer events that take place throughout the years. Again, we hope replicate these fun occasions during this academic year.


At the end of Term Five, and before our parent/carer event, we made some chocolate Easter nests, which we hope were enjoyed by all of the children. During the event, the children and their parent/carers looked through their learning journals and took part in some Easter related activities.


We would like to take the opportunity to thank all of our parents and carers for coming to the parent/carer events and for all of your continued support.

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Please note, that due to current school closures in place, all Parent/Carers Events will be cancelled until further notice.

Our next Parent / Carer Event will be on :


Day 00th Month Year

In the Nursery at 11.00am

Please head to the office to sign in, where we will meet you and take you to our Nursery.



The Nursery Team would like to invite the parents/carers of our Nursery children to come in to the Nursery at the above day and time, to spend 45 minutes with their child.


During this time, you will be able to participate in some activities and make something with your child to take home. You will also have the opportunity to look through your child's Learning Journal, which will be full of photographs and speech bubbles that will show you what your child has been learning about during their time at Nursery.


Please do come and join us, we can't wait to see you there!