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At Northdown we use a SARP approach to maths. Lessons consist of the following parts or stages to enable pupils to not only learn new skills but to apply them and challenge their thinking through reasoning.


SARP represents:





Problem Solving


In order to thrive, children first need to be taught the skill or calculation for each unit of work, such as using the formal written method for addition. Children then have the opportunity to practice this skill to ensure they are ready to move on to the next level of work.

Once children have a good understanding of the calculation being taught, they progress on to the application phase, in which they will be applying their learning in to a new context, such as word problems or practical investigations.

Children will then have a strong understanding of the concepts being taught, at this time they are ready to take on some reasoning questions in which they must explain their thought process, justify their answers or give detailed explanations about their answers.

Finally, it is vital that children have the opportunity to solve problems, work in groups and discuss different approaches to solving a range of problems.

Every Friday is problem solving day, to ensure that all children have the chance to tackle solving a range of problems and building their understanding every week.