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During this term your children will be exploring numbers within 20. Below are some supporting videos you may wish to listen to. These will help your child to develop fluency when counting to 20. You can support your child's understanding of numbers within 20 by engaging in some of the activities below. 


  • Can they recognise the numerals 1-20
  • Go number spotting on your daily one hours exercise, look out for door numbers, wheelie bins and number plates. 
  • Can they count up to a given number within 20 from zero i.e. 17
  • Can they touch count an amount - line up a number of items, for example 14, ask your child to touch each one as they count
  • Say a number between 1-20 , can they count out that number of objects from a larger group of objects- this can be anything, pencils, buttons, Lego pieces etc. We have found that food works well, raisins are fairly cheap and you get lots in a can eat them afterwards too!
  • Can they find all the different ways to make an amount within 20 using objects  .  ..
  • Can they record the ways they have made a given number i.e.                    1 + 2 = 3
  • Can they order the numbers 0-20 - these can simply be written on individual pieces of paper for the children to order


Please do as much or as little as you feel appropriate for your child. This is simply a list of activities to help support you and we fully appreciate different families have different resources and time limitations.


Mostly, enjoy!!

Have fun with numbers, your child should be moving around and exploring concepts as much as is possible so if your child does not want to count pencils but will happily count the baked beans on their plate at dinner, or the steps they take during their daily one hours exercise that is absolutely fine, counting opportunities are everywhere!

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