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During this term, your children will be using a range of resources to ignite their passion for writing. One of those resources is the 'Minuscule' collection of animations. These are short animations without dialogue that all children seem to enjoy. Along with the video clip, there are some attached resources to help support the learning, however we appreciate, not everyone has access to a printer and not all children will wish to engage in those activities. These activities act as a guide, alongside these activities, you could:


  • Draw and label the featured mini beast
  • Research ( Please ensure adult supervision on devices-thank you) and write facts about the featured mini beast
  • Write clues for someone in the family to guess the mini beast
  • Write a different ending to the story
  • Make a card for one of the characters


The list of writing opportunities is endless, but remember, the most important thing is that your child is practicing their handwriting. Use the key word sheet we sent home to support their spelling and simply ask your child to write down the sounds they hear within a word. The phonic resources you can find on the home page will also support you and your child. 

Every time your child has an opportunity to write, they will grow in confidence and fluency! The important thing is to have go...We greatly appreciate all the effort you are putting in to your child's learning!