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Updated Home Learning Pack

Corona Virus

Home Learning update:

Following school closure advice: you will already be aware that Home Learning Packs have been sent home with your child and are available from the school office. (until 3:30pm 20/3/2020).

As reopening times are uncertain at present, we hope you will find the following links helpful in supporting home learning for your child/children:

Staying Active at home:

It is very important that while you are at home you stay active. Jo Wicks is a PE Teacher who travels all over the UK to support schools with developing their PE teaching. From Monday 23rd March he is going to carry out 30 minute live workouts for children. His first workout was a major success with shout outs to children tuning in from across the world. These sessions are great for staying active and having fun at the same time, with all members of the family being able to join in.

You can access these videos by typing Jo Wicks - PE workout or typing in The body coach. Enjoy!

Reading at home:

Please remember the importance of stories in the Early Years Foundation Stage. This involves children not just reading age appropriate books by using their phonetic knowledge but also listening to others reading and retelling stories. Reading and listening to stories not only supports phonic development but supports speaking and listening skills, as well as being introduced to a wider range of vocabulary. 

Not everyone has access to a wide selection of books at home. However, with people having increasing access to the internet via TV apps, tablets, computers and even on our mobile phones there are numerous resources that you can use, such as 'CBeebies bedtime Stories'. Once you have listened to a story you may like to talk about who the characters are, what happens in the story, discuss how a character might be feeling, describe a character or even suggest an alternative ending. There is a wide selection of stories to choose from. 


Also another online resource for reading is, where you can choose different categories and genres such as books about animals, ourselves and traditional stories. If you have children at home of different ages this resource can be used for older children too.

Supporting Maths fluency at home

Despite having Home Learning packs that have been provided for you, you may like to use some different resources to go along side this. Here are some ideas that your children will already be familiar with as we use them as part of your child's learning within the classroom setting. We use Jack Hartman to support maths fluency, for example numbers pairs up to 10 and Subatizing. All you need is internet sccess.

 (Number bonds to 10 are pairs of numbers that, when added together, give the number 10. They can also be called 'number pairs' or 'number partners'. Examples are 1 & 9, 7 & 3 and 5 & 5.)

(Subitize is the ability to tell the number of objects in a set, quickly, without counting. In this subitizing song name the numbers in each set of dots, ten frames and fingers.) 


Again your children will be familiar with this so encourage your child to actively participate and show you or other family members what they already know. Repeating some activities will support fluency and can also be fun at the same time! smiley


'Learning and Growing Together'


Welcome to Year R

Buckthorn Class is registered by Mrs. Parsons, Class Teacher. 

Supported by Mrs N. Pullman, Teaching Assistant.

Spruce Class is registered by Mrs Martin/Miss. Cox, Class Teachers. 

Supported by Mrs. K. Pullman, Teaching Assistant.

Throughout your child's reception year they will participate in invaluable learning experiences facilitated by both class teachers and support staff.


We set high expectations for all children and consistently deliver high quality provision which enables all children to succeed.


 'The Early Years is a strength of the School' OFSTED Nov 17


Parent Voice Cohort 2017-18 'Friendly staff, lovely atmosphere'

Term 4

Welcome back for another exciting term full of opportunities to learn and grow!

This term our topic is, 'People who help us'. We will be exploring the four emergency services through our literacy lessons. The children will be applying their key word and phonic knowledge to read and write simple sentences and will be developing their ever expanding vocabulary. 

You can support your child by discussing the role of the emergency services and practicing to read and write their key words to support their writing.




We will be exploring the question, 'Can anyone become a hero?'

During our topic lessons we will be using the 'Supertato' series of books by the author, Sue Hendra to develop our understanding of healthy eating choices, the effects of exercise on the body and observe changes within our environment.

The children will have the opportunity to create their very own 'Supertato' and explore the role of Superheroes in our role play area. They will be developing their narrative skills and completing simple computer programs throughout this topic whilst gaining a better understanding of what it really takes to be a hero!




During our maths learning this term we will be securing our knowledge of number by finding one more and one less of a given number within 10. We will also be exploring 3D shape names and their properties.

The children will also have the opportunity to apply their vocabulary related to time and sequence every day events in the correct order.

You can support your child by naming 3D shapes found around the home and discuss their properties. 



Please read with your child daily to support their ever growing phonic and key word knowledge.  

They have also been given a set of key words to learn to support their reading and writing. 

Weekly homework is sent home on Wednesdays and we kindly ask that you return the homework by Monday.

If you have any questions or need any advice surrounding homework, please speak to your child's class teacher. We are here to work in partnership with you to enable your child to reach their full potential! 

Term 2, We are family!

Welcome back after a well deserved half term break.

This term the children will be exploring their families and the families of others. We will be discussing similarities and differences and developing how to speak with confidence in a small familiar group.

During our literacy lessons, the children will have the opportunity to apply taught phonics when writing simple labels and captions relating to their family.

You can support your child by practicing their name writing at home. You can also practice reading and writing the following key words:  

my, me, mum, dad, and, can, like.


Our featured author this term is the British author, Babette Cole.

Babette Cole wrote a series of books about a family and these will be used as a stimulus for writing through our literacy lessons and topic lessons.

During our maths lessons we will be identifying common 2D shapes and their properties.

You can support your child by discussing shapes found within the local environment and your home.

As part of our understanding of shape, we will be looking at works of art from the famous artist Kandinsky. How many shapes can you name within his work? Can you identify how many edges and vertices each of those shapes have? 

Polite reminder.

As the weather becomes colder, the children have started bringing more items of clothing to school such as winter coats, hats and scarfs. Please ensure that all items of clothing are clearly named. Please also check that jumpers and P.E. kit items are also clearly named so we can return any lost items of clothing to your child.


Thank you for your ongoing support!

Term 1: British Authors



During term 1, Year R will be delving into the wonderful books written by the British Author, Julia Donaldson.   We will kick things off with the well known and well loved children's classic 'The Gruffalo'.  The children will have the opportunity to develop their vocabulary by discussing  both the characters and setting with their knew found friends.


During our 'Philosophy' sessions the children will be encouraged to think, develop opinions and to share their views with others.

Would you rather be the Mouse or the Gruffalo? 

Is it fair to keep mice as pets?

It is important that we model different perspectives when answering questions and that we respect any answers given by your children.  We are developing skills to talk with confidence and to listen to each other showing respect.


The first stages of reading require your child to have proficient sound knowledge.  We are regularly introducing new sounds and hope that you are busy using your sound cards to reinforce the learning at home.  You need to be able to say the sound, find the sound and write the sound.