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FS - Spruce and Buckthorn

'Learning and Growing Together'


Welcome to Year R

Buckthorn Class is registered by Mrs. Parsons, Class Teacher. 

Supported by Mrs N. Pullman, Teaching Assistant.

Spruce Class is registered by Mrs Martin/Miss. Cox, Class Teachers. 

Supported by Mrs. K. Pullman, Teaching Assistant.

Throughout your child's reception year they will participate in invaluable learning experiences facilitated by both class teachers and support staff.


We set high expectations for all children and consistently deliver high quality provision which enables all children to succeed.


 'The Early Years is a strength of the School' OFSTED Nov 17


Parent Voice Cohort 2017-18 'Friendly staff, lovely atmosphere'

Term 1: British Authors



During term 1, Year R will be delving into the wonderful books written by the British Author, Julia Donaldson.   We will kick things off with the well known and well loved children's classic 'The Gruffalo'.  The children will have the opportunity to develop their vocabulary by discussing  both the characters and setting with their knew found friends.


During our 'Philosophy' sessions the children will be encouraged to think, develop opinions and to share their views with others.

Would you rather be the Mouse or the Gruffalo? 

Is it fair to keep mice as pets?

It is important that we model different perspectives when answering questions and that we respect any answers given by your children.  We are developing skills to talk with confidence and to listen to each other showing respect.


The first stages of reading require your child to have proficient sound knowledge.  We are regularly introducing new sounds and hope that you are busy using your sound cards to reinforce the learning at home.  You need to be able to say the sound, find the sound and write the sound.