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Experience Afternoon

Enrichment Afternoon

New for 2019-2020

Intent - What is it?

Every Wednesday afternoon children access our experience afternoon. This afternoon aims to give opportunities and experiences to our children which they wouldn't normally access. These experiences include; gardening, forestry, sports from different countries, helping in the community, cooking, sewing, the list is endless!

Having these experiences is key for our children as they are then able to transfer, recall and apply skills and knowledge taught in this practical way into class and curriculum learning.



Implementation - How do we do it?

Each term the experiences vary to ensure exposure to the maximum experiences and opportunities. Children select 3 experiences that they would like to participate in for that term and they are assigned one of their choices.

Children access the same activity for a term after which they take part in our graduation ceremony. At graduation the children will receive a badge for their sash and a certificate of completion.

Each experience is carefully thought out by the teacher delivering it to ensure progression in skills and knowledge. This is evidenced in our 'Experience Journals 'which each child has to document their experience journey.



Each child is given a sash when they join us at Northdown. The sash is used to keep track of their awards (badges) from each experience that they complete throughout their time here. The children get to keep their sash on transition to secondary school.


 Impact - What benefit does it have?

We believe that for our children to access and achieve in core and foundation subjects that they need to have practical experiences and opportunities. By offering these important life skills we are equipping our children with skills and knowledge to apply to their learning in the classroom. This will lead to improvements in the ability to transfer and apply information between contexts as well as developments in self confidence and key learning behaviours. These are all enhanced throughout our Wednesday Experience Afternoon.