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Year 5 - Rowan Class

Welcome to Rowan class 

Term 2 - The Victorians

This term year 5 are looking into the life of the Victorians. In Literacy we will be reading Street Child, using this book as a basis we will be developing our inference and deduction skills for comprehension and using the characters to create emotive letters and diary entries. 

We are also going to be researching the life of Charles Dickens, learning about crime and punishment in Victorian Britain, the workhouses and life for children growing up during this period. 

Later in the term we will be visiting Kent life to experience a Victorian Christmas. We are looking forward to seeing the wonderful Victorian costumes on the day! 

Term 1 - David Walliams This term year 5 have been looking at books by David Walliams. We have studied Billionaire Boy in English and Gangsta Granny in Guided Reading. As part of our topic one of the characters searches through hidden tunnels, on a quest to steal the crown jewels! So to have a better understanding of tunnels and landscapes in the UK, we were lucky enough to have a visit from Helen. She told us stories about the Ramsgate Tunnels, which painted a picture of Thanet through the ages. We also had the opportunity to visit Dover Castle and the hospital tunnels which was a fascinating insight into what tunnels could be used for in different periods across history. .

Ramsgate Tunnel Talk

Ramsgate Tunnel Talk 1
Ramsgate Tunnel Talk 2

Reversible and Irreversible changes

Reversible and Irreversible changes 1
Reversible and Irreversible changes 2
Reversible and Irreversible changes 3

Cabbage Filled Day!

Cabbage Filled Day! 1
Cabbage Filled Day! 2
Cabbage Filled Day! 3
Cabbage Filled Day! 4
Cabbage Filled Day! 5
Cabbage Filled Day! 6