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Term 6

Term 6 1

This term our topic is 'Colours of World: Graffiti'. We are very excited to learn about the history of graffiti art and get stuck in creating our own graffiti 'tags' to put on our classroom wall.

Everyone has an opinion on graffiti — Is it vandalism? Is it art?  The children will enjoy the process of deciding this for themselves.  We will focus on famous graffiti artists including Banksy.  Banksy’s work has world renown and is a reminder that small beginnings can lead to great things.  As this is our last term as Year 4 it is also a topic that celebrates growth and new beginnings.


Our Literacy learning this term begins with a look at the book 'Wolves' by Emily Gravett. 

‘An important introduction  for young rabbits to the danger of wolves: every burrow should own one!’  This is a cleverly constructed book that provides many literary avenues.  Initially we will be analysing how effective the format of the book which is unusual to say the least.  The subject matter lends itself to a re-write with different endings and also an opportunity for research into Wolves and their habitats.



Term 5

In term 5 our topic is 'Disasters at Sea'. In our History lessons this term we will be investigating one of the most famous sea disasters, the fateful journey of the Titanic. We will really try to understand what life was like on board the Titanic by experiencing the luxuries provided for 1st class passengers and the poor conditions of 3rd class passengers. Finally we will reflect on the devastating events of the 15th April 1912 and consider 'Who was to blame for the sinking of the Titanic?'.

In our Science lessons this term we will be focusing on changing states - solids, liquids and gases. Practical experiments and activities will make for some exciting discoveries!

This term our topic is 'Amazing Amazon'. We have read the story of 'The Great Kapok Tree', a warning tale in which the wondrous animals of the rainforest gather to try and stop an axeman from destroying their home. To adapt the story we have researched information about the Amazon rainforest and the many different species of animal that live there. To enhance our writing we have focused on including adjectives to describe, similes, onomatopoeia and speech punctuation. We also enjoyed immersing ourselves in the vibrant colours of the rainforest by firstly going on a colour walk through our own forest area and collecting samples for our colour palettes. We then used techniques of mixing paint to create a  second colour palette that represents the exciting colours of the rainforest.

Term 3

In term three our topic is 'Hail Caesar!'. We will be designing and making our own mosaics inspired by those made by the Romans. We will continue developing our atlas skills by identifying the countries that are part of Europe. Our Literacy is based around the story of Romulus and Remus. We have enjoyed learning our finding tale and adapting it to make our own. For the second part of the term the children will be writing diary entries from the perspective of their chosen character so we will need to learn lots about different characters of the Roman period. In Maths, we will be covering subtraction, multiplication, angles and fractions.

Term 2

In term two our topic was 'In the Highlands'. We created some amazing pieces of art work based on Scottish traditions and highland scenery. We use atlases and pictures to discover more about Scotland and its famous landmarks. Our Literacy was based around the story of a highland warrior and his clan, which was called Kidnapped. We have enjoyed learning our meeting tale and adapting it to make our own. For the second part of the term the children enjoyed being immersed into the festive season through writing persuasive letters to Santa. In Maths, we covered, fractions, negative numbers, position and direction and reflecting shapes.

In term one we have been learning about Shang Dynasty. So far we have created some amazing pieces of art work based on Ancient Chinese bronze statues. We have used atlases and pictures to compare China with the UK and  researched a lot on the social hierarchy of Shang. Our literacy has been based around a ninja cat called Varjak Paw. We have enjoyed learning our journey tale and adapting it to make our own. Now we are focusing on instructions to help Varjak Paw to capture the gentleman.

In maths, we have covered addition, subtraction, mass, decimals and multiplication facts.