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Year 2 - Spindle Class

Welcome to Johnson class

Teacher: Mr Kirkby

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Bole


This term we will be exploring and learning about the Great Fire of London. This will be our topic through out the curriculum. We are all looking forward to embarking on this learning together.


In literacy will we be focusing on using a range of punctuation correctly, suffixes and expanded noun phrases. We will also be learning about the differences and importance of commands, questions and statements and how we can use these effectively in our writing.


In maths we will be deepening our understanding of the four operations (addition, subtraction, division and multiplication) and how we can use them in a variety of different situations. We will also be focusing on partitioning numbers to show the value of each digit. We will also be thinking about money and how to make varying amounts using coins and notes.


Thank you to all parents that attended our Year 2 SATs preparation meeting. We hope you found it helpful. For those who were unable to attend here is some key information...

During May your child will take a series of assessments known as SATs, they SATs consist of two maths papers, two reading papers, a spelling paper and a grammar paper.



Your child will sit two maths papers, one arithmetic paper which focusing on the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). The second paper is a reasoning paper and this focuses on the application of the four operations to a range of problem based questions.



Your child will sit one short answer paper, this will involve your child reading several short passages of a story and answering questions after each passage. The other paper is a longer task paper, this is likely to consist of a separate text and answer booklet. The text is more lengthy and requires the children to read the entire text before answering any questions.

All texts will be set at a gold level.



Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar papers are split into two papers. The spelling paper will consist of a passage with missing words, the passage will be read to your child and your child will be required to fill in the missing words, spelling as many correctly as they can.

The grammar paper will ask a series of questions based around varying grammar skills such as verbs, nouns, adverbs, commas, capital letters, full stops, tense, expanded noun phrases and many more.



We would like to remind you that although the SATs are an important assessment tool we will endeavour to make it a stress free experience for your child, therefore we will not be giving any exact dates when these tests will be happening.


If you would like any more information you can visit the below link to the government website.

Year Two Common Exception Words


Below is a list of the year two common exception words. It would be helpful if you could practice reading and spelling them with our child.


Door, Floor, Poor, Because, Find, Kind, Mind, Behind, Child, Children, Wild, Climb, Most, Only, Both, Old, Cold, Gold, Every, Great, Break, Steak, Pretty, Beautiful,

After, Fast, Last, Past, Father, Class, Grass, Pass, Plant, Path, Bath, Hour,

Improve, Sure, Sugar, Eye, Could, Should, Would, Who, Whole, Any, Many, Clothes, Busy, People, Water, Again, Half, Money, Parents, Christmas, Everybody, Even