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Year 2 - Elm Class

Welcome to Elm Class

Teachers: Mrs Mathews and Miss Berryman

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Haupt

 P       R          I           D          E

      Positivity         Respect          Integrity          Diversity           Endeavour 




Reading everyday. 

Journals to be signed when you have finished your book.

Ninjas to practice number bonds and times tables. 

Projects are ongoing for the term. This term is Roald Dahl.

Term 1 - Roald Dahl

Term 1 - Roald Dahl  1

Year Two Common Exception Words


As you are aware reading is such an important part of your child's learning so here is a list of the year two common exception words. It would be helpful if you could practice reading and spelling them with your child.


Door, Floor, Poor, Because, Find, Kind, Mind, Behind, Child, Children, Wild, Climb, Most, Only, Both, Old, Cold, Gold, Every, Great, Break, Steak, Pretty, Beautiful,

After, Fast, Last, Past, Father, Class, Grass, Pass, Plant, Path, Bath, Hour,

Improve, Sure, Sugar, Eye, Could, Should, Would, Who, Whole, Any, Many, Clothes, Busy, People, Water, Again, Half, Money, Parents, Christmas, Everybody, Even