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Year 1 - Maple and Hazel

Welcome to Year 1 Hazel Class

Class Teacher: Miss Bichard

Teaching Assistants: Miss Neaves, Mrs French and Ms Carlton


Welcome to our class page. Here we will be sharing all the learning we have been doing as a class and also provide useful links to homework and ideas to help with your child's learning.


A very big welcome from Miss Bichard, Miss Neaves, Mrs French and Mrs Carlton. We are so excited to have Hazel class this year and can't wait to watch them grow and learn!

   P        R        I        D       E

Positivity              Respect              Integrity             Diversity             Endeavour


Term 1


This term we are learning all about Anthony Browne! We will be linking all of our learning to his books and finding out all we can about him and his wonderful stories.



Our first text has been 'The Gorilla':

Get your child to tell you all about the characters, the story and how the characters feel as the story changes throughout the book. 


Our second text was 'Through the Magic Mirror':

Image result for through the magic mirror


Toby goes through a magic mirror and ends up in a land where everything is topsy-turvy! We used this story to learn how to describe a setting, and we have been learning all about adjectives and similes.

We love the simile song!:  - type this into google to sing along!



In maths this term, we have learnt how to give one more or one less than a given number. Some of us were able to give two more or less! Or even five more or less!

We have also looked deeply into place value and what tens and ones represent. We love playing the shark game! Play at home to reinforce knowledge of place value:


We also have started to add and subtract using counters and then number lines. Play this game to help your child's understanding of addition and subtraction:



This term in science we have been learning all about animals and their characteristics and classifications (mammals, reptiles, fish, amphibians, birds, insects). To support this learning, we visited Howletts on Friday 5th October. We saw all kinds of animals, including a baby gorilla and a baby elephant!

Term 2



This week we started our new text 'Daisy Saves The Day' by Shirley Hughes! This is to fit in with our new topic The Victorians. We have learnt this week that children in the Victorian times had to go to work and often couldn't afford to go to school, just like poor Daisy! We have also linked the book to the coronation of Queen Victoria and found out exactly how Daisy saved the day. Ask your child what has happened in the story so far.



This term in maths we have started learning about 2D shapes. We learnt the proper names for the parts of 2D shapes and then we used this knowledge to help us sort the shapes using Venn diagrams, reason and problem solve. 

How many 2D shapes can you name?



Use the website link below to play a 2D shape sorting game:



Our topic this term is The Victorians. Thank you to everybody who completed their half term homework activities with their children about our topic. This week we looked at pictures of Victorian Margate to see what we could identify that was different from Margate nowadays.

Ask your child what they can see in these pictures and what it tells us about life in the Victorian era: