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Year 1 - Elm Class

Welcome to Year 1 Elm Class


Class Teacher: Miss Covington

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Coombe and Mrs Hayward

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This term we are learning all about the UK and the native animals we find here.


We really enjoyed our trip to Wildwood last week. It was so much fun! We saw lots of different animals and crossed the scary bear bridge. It was really high! We are currently writing fact files about some of the animals we saw.

Have a look at some of the fun we had at Wildwood.



In Literacy our core text is the Squirrels Who Squabbled. We are writing our own stories based on the Squirrels Who Squabbled focusing on adjectives, verbs and nouns as well as a few similes, and, as every term, we have a focus of the Year One key skills of spelling, punctuation and grammar.  After our Trip to Wildwood this term, we will be looking at creating fact files about some of the animals we encountered.


In Maths we have already looked at length, height, weight, volume and capacity using vocabulary such as longer and shorter, taller and shorter, lighter and heavier, and full, empty and half full. Next time you have a drink as the children to describe the volume of liquid to you.
We will also be looking at doubling numbers, making equal groups and sharing numbers. Further on in the term, we will be learning about fractions and in particular halves and quarters.


In Science we are continuing our learning of Animals including Humans. We have looked at different animal groups: Mammals, Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds and Fish. To support this learning we are looking forward to meeting and finding out about some animals while on our Wildwood trip. (Check back at a later date to see what we find). To support this learning at home, give your child pictures or names of different animals and ask them to sort them into one of categories – can they tell you why it is a particular group?


In topic we are learning about the four countries of the UK and their capitals. We have had a go at writing some letters to the Queen. If you could ask the Queen a question, what would you like to find out?


Please continue to support our learning at home and in school by:

*reading with your child every day. Don’t forget Buster Book Club – bookmarks get sent home on a Wednesday to be returned on Thursday morning. We did so well at this last term – we got the KS1 trophy 3 weeks running!

*termly homework challenges. We always love to see and hear what they have made or written about, and they are always eager to tell us!

*PE kit for PE on Wednesdays.

*water bottles.

Term 4


We loved this topic! Our core text in Literacy was T-Rex Terror; all about dinosupersaurs and the powers they got. We learnt about the features of newspaper and got to write our own about the terrible T-Rex who stole all the money!
Why not read a newspaper with your child and see if they can spot all the features we looked at?

 Also had fun designing and making our own gadgets with superpowers. We then wrote explanation texts about how the powers work.


In Maths we looked at numbers to 50 and different ways we could represent these numbers including how many Tens and Ones there are. We used our knowledge of numbers to compare them using greater than (>) and less than (<) and we found one more and one less of a given number.


In Science we were learning about Animals including Humans. We identified our different body parts and which of our senses they help us use. We sorted different animals into carnivores, herbivores or omnivores. When you spot an animal, why not discuss with your child which eating group they fall into?


In topic we went on a dinosaur hunt around the school. We followed a map and used direction language to find out where different dinosaurs were found. We also drew our own dinosaur theme park and then wrote out some directions.
Next time you are out, ask your child if they can give you directions or say where a location you visit is.


There was some fantastic home learning going on this term and it shows that the children thoroughly enjoyed this topic.

Term 3


This term our topic was all about Space. We really enjoyed this!


In Literacy our core text was 'Baby Brains'. Baby Brains was really clever and went to Univeristy to become a Doctor! He even went to Space! We asked questions about space and thought about what Baby Brains might be saying up in space.

Image result for baby brains


In Maths we focused on our number bonds to 10 and 20 and addition and subtraction. We learned about number families and how to use different resources to help us including, counters, 10 frames and number lines. Why not get your child to teach you how to use them?

Image result for 10s frame


In topic we were lucky enough to have an astrodome come in. It was so much fun! We found out about the stars, planets and Neil Armstrong. We even got to hold different pieces of rock.

We also had fun making junk model rockets. What do you think of them?

Junk Model Rockets