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Executive Headteacher - Mrs Sheila Todd

Deputy Head Teacher - Mrs Lorraine Smith

Teaching and Learning Lead - Mrs Jo Wetherall


  Class Teacher Additional info Support Staff
Year 6 Hawthorn

Mr D.Stacey

Mrs K.Boyle

Leader of Learning Mr J. Nicklen- HLTA
Year 6 Oak Mr H. Featherstone Numeracy Lead, School Council Mrs A.Joy - HLTA
Year 5 Willow Mrs N.Matthews Literacy Lead, Mrs V.Kendall -TA
Year 5 Rowan

Mrs T.Thompson

Mrs T. Provost-Lines

Assistant Head Teacher/Senco

MFL Lead

Mrs R.Scott -TA

Year 4 Elder Mr J.Kirkby Geography Lead

Mrs J.Shaw - TA

Year 4 Ash Miss A.Hurst Music Lead Mrs L.Laker - TA
Year 3 Cherry Mrs E.Bright History Lead Mrs M.Morton - TA
Year 3 Ash Mrs E.Beresford   Mrs K Thompson - TA
Year 2 Chestnut

Miss R. West

Miss J.Simpson

Leader of Learning

SCITT student


Year 2 Juniper

Mrs E.Stow

Mrs J.Bowley 

Science Lead

Website and Marketing Lead

Mrs C.Bole - TA


Year 1 Elm Mrs C.Sayers PSHE Lead


Mrs T.Coombe - HLTA

Mrs K.Hayward -TA

Year 1 Holy Mrs R.Cox RE Lead

Mrs C.Haupt - TA

Year R Maple Miss C. Adelsberg Assistant Headteacher, E.Y.F.S.

Mrs N. Pulman - TA

Year R Hazel

Ms D.Parsons

 British Values Lead



Nursery Pine Mrs K.Martin DT lead

Miss S Pretty - Nursery Nurse

Miss L Bushell - Nursery Nurse 
Miss Kelly Harris - Nursery Nurse 



Mulberry Bush


Support Staff
  Ms J.Wade

Mr M.Bowditch - Learning Mentor

Mrs K.Pullman - TA


Sport & PE team Teacher Support Staff
  Mr G.Marsh Mr S.Thompson - Coach



Assistant Headteacher -  Designated Safeguarding Lead and PPA teacher Mr C Goodwin-Kelly
Assistant Headteacher - ICT Lead and PPA teacher Mrs B.Latter
Learning Mentors

Mr M. Bowditch

Mrs S.Kealy (Forester School)

Speech and Language

Mrs J. Shaw

Mrs A. Day

Pupil Support Manager Mrs J. Short
Inclusions Manager Mrs T. Thomson
Family Liaison Officer Mrs S. Potter
School Business Manager Mrs J. Neaverson
Clerical/Attendance Officer Mrs H. Plowman
Receptionist Miss K. Rogers

Education Welfare Officer

Mrs E. Truman
Site Manager Mr N. Wearing 
KS1 Read Write inc. interventions: Mrs V. Kendall
Forest School Leaders

Mrs S. Kealy

EAL Support

Mrs J. Holland

Mrs M.Morton

ICT Network Manager Mr K. Chaggar