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During Term 5 we will be looking at Minibeasts. We will be looking at identifying a range of minibeasts, describing what they look like, discussing where they live and what they might eat. Here is a link that you may like to use to carry out your own investigations of minibeasts - In addition they will be encouraged to look closely at minibeasts and make their own observational drawings. 


We will be learning some minibeast songs. Here is a link to one of the songs that the chidren will be learning in class. You may like to learn this and sing it at home.


In Literacy our main core text is called 'Billy's Beetle'. The children will learn the story using Story maps and actions. They will learn to describe characters and minibeasts through using a variety of adjectives. 


During Numeracy this term we will be looking at addition and subtracting 2 single digit numbers. You may like to play some games such as subtracting sweets or adding pairs of socks.