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Early Years Foundation Stage

Phonics and Reading in KS1

At Northdown School we use 'Letters and Sounds' to teach phonics


From reception children take home book banded (colour-coded) reading books, which are suitable for their reading ability to read at home and in school during independent reading time. The school does not have one main scheme but instead utilises the best from a variety of schemes so a child’s learning journey can be flexible.

Examples of schemes used are: Oxford Reading Tree, Dandelion readers and Rigby Reading scheme, Children on the reading scheme can read other books from home and this can also be recorded in the reading record.

Once children have reach the lime band they become ‘free readers’ and can choose any book from the class library or from home. Children are encouraged to read a variety of genres and authors. The range of books chosen is monitored by the teacher and through the HomeSchool Reading Record.

Curriculum Overview Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2



Northdown Primary school follows the National curriculum.


All subjects are taught through a creative curriculum which is driven by 6 topics taught across 6 terms in every year group.


Children in our care are taught to read using Letters and Sounds and a variety of Reading Schemes.


The years from birth to seven are crucial ones for a child. They mark the period of rapid growth and development. During these early years the foundation for learning are truly laid down. Studies have shown that children who attend nursery schools or classes reap the benefit both immediately and later in life.



In the Early Years Foundation Stage, we follow and use Development Matters a a guide for our creative curriculum.




As children move into Year R the curriculum becomes more structured and children follow the Early Years foundation profile.