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In term one we have been getting to know each other, learning each others' names, becoming familiar with routines and where things belong inside and outside the classroom. The children are taking part in activities based  around the theme of "Ourselves". This theme is also linked to our Talk4Writing story "Titch". The children have been enjoying joining in with songs and circle games, using the parachute and other games and activities to develop good listening skills. They have been investigating their senses, talking about their families and what it is like to be a baby, comparing this to what they can do now. We are soon having a visiting musician who will show the children some musical instruments  - some of which feature in the story of "Titch". Before the end of this term we hope to take a walk to the Secret Jungle to look for signs of Autumn.

Term 2 was a busy one. Our story was "The Three Little Pigs" which the children very much enjoyed retelling and acting out. The children enjoyed a visiting theatre group performance of "Dotty the Dragon" with the characters coming into the Nursery afterwards to talk with the children and show them the puppets from the story. Christmas saw us making lots of shaped decorations with the children not only identifying 2D shapes, but developing their cutting skills. We were proud of the children for singing so well in the Early Years Nativity as the Reception children acted out the story.

Term 3 has begun well and the children are very involved with activities based around the story of "The Gingerbread Man". We have made our own salt dough gingerbread men to retell the story at home and real gingerbread men to eat. Today we made our own loaf of bread and really enjoyed eating it - as the children said "It's delicious!" There has been a lot of exploration of different textures - food textures and other materials, such as finger paint, cloud dough with more to come.  The children are working hard at developing their fine motor skills and this term we are taking part in P.E. to increase gross motor skills.Our morning session is filling up fast and there are just a few more places available in the afternoon session

In term 4 we were learning about animals, wild and farm animals. The children looked at patterns in fur and skin and used a variety of resources and materials to create pictures of animals. Our story was "Dear Zoo" by Rod Campbell which the children really enjoyed and got to know very well. Parents and Carers came to watch the children tell the story with actions at the end of the term. The feedback was lovely and I think everyone enjoyed the session. The children certainly did as was evident from the photos taken on the day. Our story led us to talk about and use the vocabulary of size, especially tall, long, short and taller, longer and shorter. A lot of excitement and pleasure came from the visiting pets and our thanks go out to all the families who let us borrow their pet for a morning or afternoon. They certainly brought out the caring side in us all. From being zoo keepers we went on to explore other occupations in our investigation area where children showed a lot of curiosity in the resources, photos and books.

Term5. This term we are following the story of "Jack and the Beanstalk" which will provide an opportunity to explore and talk about plants and how they grow, look at the type of insects that may visit a beanstalk or other plants and flowers and to follow the life cycle of a butterfly. We will get under way on our first day with a visit from "Creepyclaws" who will bring a variety of unusual pets, including millipedes, snakes, tarantulas, African land snails and a bearded lizard. Our children will get the opportunity to look at and touch them if they wish. We will carry out bug hunts in the garden and other areas around the school site. There will be plenty of growing and investigating seeds and other things that grow. Links will be made to food that is grown and how people grow. Our story will allow scope for imaginative play in a castle role play area and the children will be involved in making props to support their play ideas. We will write to the giant, make posters and diaries to accompany our story and growing activities. There will be lots of opportunities to explore number with magic beans, collecting seeds, counting legs and spots on insects and measuring giant things.